Infographic Project Description

Infographic Project Description

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Infographic Active Mobility

Infographic Active Mobility

Download: PDF icon 2_Active_Mobility.pdf

Infographic Temporary Street Openings

Infographic Temporary Street Openings

Download: PDF icon 3_Temporay_Street_Openings.pdf

Infographic Interventions in Public Space

Infographic Interventions in Public Space

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Infographic Crystallisation Points

Infographic Crystallisation Points

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Infographic Educational and Innovative Tools

Infographic Educational and Innovative Tools

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Infographic Integration into SUMP

Infographic Integration into SUMP

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D7.4 Merano - Incoming Package

The Incoming Package of the city of Merano consists in a one-page-website.

In this webspace there are published pictures and footage of the implementations in the various neighbourhoods. The languages of the webspace are German and Italian.


D7.4 Graz - Incoming Package

The Incoming Package from Graz includes all necessary information to visit the Metamorphosis project area yourself or to book a knowledge transfer, tour or workshop to get more information about the interventions. The main product is a street map: the front page provides information about the project area and the implementation. On the backside, the implementations are located.

Download: PDF icon EN, PDF icon DE

D7.4 Alba Iulia - Incoming Package (RO)

The brochure is containing information about the Urban Garden in Alba Iulia developed within the Metamorphosis Project. The brochure contains also information about the network of gardens at national level as well as the activities that took place within the garden with the involvement of local schools, kindergartens and local NGOs.

Download: PDF icon D7.4 Incoming Package_Alba Iulia.pdf

D7.4 Munich - Incoming Package

The document, developed as part of D7.4, presents four different examples of child friendly planning in Munich, including maps and contact information to help visitors finding appropriate locations and getting specific information if needed.

Download: PDF icon D7.4_Incoming package_Munich.pdf

D7.4 Southampton - Incoming Package

The city Southampton developed as part of D7.4 a presentation, which provides background on the local issues, show the value of the approach taken and outline the impact the programme has had. The presentation is valuable both to visitors interested more broadly on cycling and walking programmes as well as professionals with a specific interest in community-led co-design or child-friendly streets.

Download: PDF icon D7.4_Incoming package_Southampton.pdf

D7.4 Tilburg - Incoming Package

Brochure "Tilburg safe to School"

The municipality of Tilburg yearly offers the “Tilburg Safe To School” brochure with measures concerning (traffic) safety to all the primary schools in Tilburg.

Download: PDF icon D7.4_Incoming package_Tilburg.pdf

D7.2 Development of general dissemination and communication material of the project

This document includes the development of general dissemination and communication material included the Visual Identity and a Corporate Design, the project’s website as well as an overview of the social media accounts run by the project. In addition, the various products associated with “standard print material” and the educational give-away will be introduced here.

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_D7.2_Development of general dissemination and communication material of the project_final.pdf

D4.2 Metamorphosis cities’ SUMP Integration plans

The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of how the Metamorphosis project
goals have been integrated into different partner cities’ longer-term sustainable mobility

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_D4.2_SUMP_Report_final.pdf

D3.1 Vision Building Reports

This document presents the Vision building Reports collected from the seven partner cities.

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_D3.1_Vision_Building_Report_final.pdf

D2.3 Consolidated Local Analysis Report

The document contains details of the local analyses of the seven partner cities in conjunction with their six ‘stewards’, as well as a general consolidated summary.

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_D2.3_v1.1.pdf

D2.2 Catalogue of Potential Measures and Activities

This "catalogue" of potential measures and activities is designed to provide "best practice"-type case studies that may be used to develop further ideas to those seeking to transform their local neighbourhoods in a child-friendly way and to increase the quality of life for all citizens.

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_D2.2_v1.1.pdf

D2.1 General Analysis Report

Deliverable 2.1 General Analysis Report containing and specifying the objectives, target groups and targets of the project.

Download: PDF icon Metamorphosis_D2.1_v1.1.pdf


The brochure about the 20 good reasons is about giving back the street space to people, but especially to children.

Download: PDF icon 20GR_Press.pdf