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Space Transformers: How to transform car parking space into traffic-free and usable space for everyone.

Graz, Austria
Wed 22.01.2020 14:00

In Graz (AT) we are transforming parking space legally and without permission into public space again. We built the “Raumwandler” or “Space Transformer” to do so. Simply put, the “Raumwandler” is an adapted cargo bike in the size of half a parking lot. So, two “Raumwandler” put together, take up the space of a whole parking lot and because it is an ‘ordinary’ bicycle, we could park them legally on every public parking lot in the city, for free. You want to learn how?

Connected Smart Cities Conference 2020

Brussels, Belgium
Thu 23.01.2020 09:00

The Connected Smart Cities Conference 2020 (CSCC) is the annual community event organised by Open & Agile Smart Cities. CSCC brings together city representatives, companies, research, and policy-makers to discuss the state of smart cities & communities and how to make smart cities open, interoperable and more sustainable.


Raumwandler: Wie man Parkraum in einen für jeden zugänglichen, verkehrsbefreiten Raum transformieren kann.

Graz, Austria
Thu 23.01.2020 10:00

In Graz (AT) transformieren wir Parkflächen, die meist von Autos verstellt sind, in öffentlichen Raum auf legale Weise zurück, ganz ohne sich im Vorhinein eine Bewilligung der Stadt einholen zu müssen. Dafür haben wir den „Raumwandler“ oder auch „Space Transformer“ gebaut. Dabei handelt es sich um ein adaptiertes Lastenrad, welches die Fläche eines halben Autoparkplatzes einnimmt. Zwei „Raumwandler“ ergeben somit den Raum eines ganzen Parkplatzes.

Städtebau und Mobilität

Berlin, Germany
Thu 30.01.2020 09:30

Lösungskonzepte für eine nachhaltige Mobilität in Städten und ländlichen Räumen

Der Verkehrssektor ist derzeit geprägt von erheblichen Veränderungsprozessen zur Erreichung einer nachhaltigen sozial- und stadtverträglichen Mobilität. Zur Anpassung der Rahmenbedingungen für neue Mobilitätsformen und ein bedarfsgerechtes Angebot müssen auch die Kommunen als zentrale Akteure bestehende Steuerungsmöglichkeiten nutzen, die auf die jeweiligen Verhältnisse angepasst sind. 


Porto, Portugal
Thu 30.01.2020 09:30

Organised by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, and the City of Porto, the "CITIES Forum 2020 – "together we shape a sustainable urban future" is a two-day major event of the European Commission bringing together key stakeholders from European, national and local levels. The Forum is a place for all stakeholders to capitalise on common achievements and reflect on the future directions of urban development within Cohesion Policy including the future of the Urban Agenda for the EU.

Winter Cycling Congress 2020

Joensuu, Finland
Wed 05.02.2020 11:30

The City of Joensuu hosts 8th international Winter Cycling Congress in Joensuu, Finland 5 – 7 of February 2020. The WCC gathers advocates and specialists of cycling together for an international event to develop winter cycling conditions reinforce the role of winter cycling as an everyday form of physical activity and to share the best practices around the world. The programme has often comprised lectures, workshops and cycling trips around the city, among other things. The event is organised by the international Winter Cycling Federation.

Past events

"Place-making: la costruzione condivisa di un luogo dedicato all'incontro e alla crescita nello spazio pubblico"

Thu 16.01.2020 12:00

This webinar will be held in Italian. It's the daughter webinar to "Place-making: how a construction site in public space can become a learning and meeting point", scheduled on January 16, 12:00 pm.


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"Place-making: how a construction site in public space can become a learning and meeting point"

Thu 16.01.2020 10:30

In this webinar we will lay out our general approach to place-making actions in Meran/o, Italy. We usually develop our projects in 3 steps: analysis and exploration of the neighbourhood, definition of strategies to be applied, elaboration of a project together with stakeholders and children. The main focus is on the participation of children.

Consulting Local Stakeholders

Wed 11.12.2019 16:00

 Wednesday 11th December, 15:00-15:50 UK time (16:00-16:50 CET), including Q&A session

School Streets and street openings are an effective way to create child friendly cities and neighborhoods. However, it is not always easy to consult the different stakeholders involved, and plan for these interventions so that they have wider impact.