Smart City Expo World Congress

Barcelona, Spain
Tue 19.11.2019 11:00 to Thu 21.11.2019 11:00

The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) offers a three-day programm with more than 400 international experts coming together for a more sustainable urban world. 

The event is based around the values of social inclusion, sustainability and empowerment, and is dedicated to promoting awareness, understanding and critical reflection on the smart urban revolution. How can cities cope with the future of the work revolution while ensuring that no one is left behind? How can we build more inclusive and sharing cities that make the most of the platform economy, culture and creativity to enhance the humane side of the urban fabric?

In 2019, SCEWC will focus on five main tracks: 

  • Future of Work & Education / Skills for a Digital and Automated World
    robotics; AI; workforce skills; legislation; universal income; workspace models; creativity; life-long learning
  •  Bridging the Gap / Ensuring Digital, Social and Gender Inclusion
    accessible cities; gender parity; ageing population; kids; inclusive social policies; equity
  •  Circular Economy / Moving from Linear to Circular Cities
    waste reduction; product-service system; business models; lifecycle products; new textiles economy; materials
  •  Sharing Economy / A Change of Mindset for Cities and People
    collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer; business model innovation; platform economy; gig economy; regulations
  •  Right to the City / Housing, Gentrification and Urban Justice
    affordable housing; human rights; placemaking; community building; spatial justice

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